Friday, 13 February 2015

Creative Process

Quite often I'll use a smaller work as a study to a larger canvas to ensure the technique or colours will work. Here I wanted use a stenciled technique to create the impression of a grid behind the splash art style, whilst also introducing a colour to the tonal work. The effect is a lovely combination piece perfect for a modern interior design.

Having established that all the tones and styles worked I then created this larger work using the same combination.

I loved the black and the red on it's own so much I created a larger painting just using those colours. Now thisreally is a strong image. Red and black work so well together and this large work will certainly make a statement.

Just a little insight as to how the creative process works sometimes. All of these works and many more can be seen on my website where you'll find art available direct from the artist... that's me :0)