Monday, 27 February 2012

London View

My latest commission was created as a retirement gift, a view of London looking towards Tower Bridge from the river Thames. Whilst painting it i realised just how many landmarks there are in this view. Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, Canon Street Station, BT Tower, Thames Barges, St Pauls, The Monument & St Katherines Dock. Quite a collection worthy of a painting.

Tower Bridge the painting

Original Photograph

The client... well they simply loved it, and that gives me the greatest pleasure of all, to create something memorable for a special occasion. You can commission your own view, or see more of my works at

Friday, 17 February 2012

It's what you don't see that makes the difference

Let's face it modern cameras can make most people look good, but it's often what you don't see that makes the difference.

Very often I'll wait for hours in the same spot just waiting for the light to be right or for a bus to move ionto the field of view, or out of it, or a crane to move. Here's a good example.

I waited for an hour on Waterloo Bridge for the light to change to take my first shot, 2 minutes later the light had gone and so had the shot. Whilst I was waiting several people walked past and were snapping away. They all missed their opportunity.

It makes a great deal of difference to plan the shot properly and if you're wondering how I manage to take such good images, well now you know, patience and planning and whilst you can get lucky by beng in the right place at the right time, the more often you put yourself there and the more patience you have, the luckier you get.

View from Waterloo Bridge

2 minutes later
For this shot of Battersea power station I waited 8 weeks! To get the reflection I had to wait for a high tide on the Thames and this had to coincide with a clear weather window with little or no wind to avoid ripples in the water. In addition I'd calculated at which time of year the sun would be at the correct angle in order to create the reflection and not to place the building in shadow or silhoette.


Battersea Power Station

So next time you wander past a man with a camera in London who's still there an hour later staring at the same view, waiting for the light to change.. say hello it could be me!