Friday, 22 February 2013

Now where are my walking boots!

I just can't help myself loving these landscape paintings, some more abstract than others. I like the way the sky dominates in big spaces. That time of day when the landscape is just emerging at dawn, features are barely distinct. It reminds me of many happy memories of walking in the highlands and moorlands, those lonely places full of atmosphere, peaceful and quiet when there is no other person to be seen.

I must get my walking boots out once again, the hills are calling!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Art Like Wine no longer the sole preserve of the establishment

Wine is a recurring theme in my art and it occurred to me that there are a few similarities between the art and wine.

Wine used to be the sole preserve of the establishment, 25-30 years ago you would not have had wine on the table in an average home, and probably wouldn't have been able to buy it in a local store.

The same is true of art, it was something that average people had no access to or were allowed access to. When I first started to create paintings I was determined to make my art accessible to everyone, and avoid the old stuffy art galleries and usual routes to selling my paintings. These were frankly were far too precious snobbish and protective about their little world and largely still are.

That's why I set up my website, when everybody was still saying that nobody would ever buy off the Internet, I knew they were wrong and look at it now. You can now buy great pieces of art at prices that are accessible without the fear of walking into an art gallery and being treated like some 2nd class citizen who obviously shouldn't be there.

Art and wine are now affordable and fully accessible for everyone to enjoy, thank goodness. Everyone can now buy beautiful paintings at an affordable price, and view them while enjoying a glass of the good stuff.

I'm pretty sure that wine proof that God loves us & wants us to be happy! I'm also sure he'd want us to do that in a nice environment surrounded by beautiful art.