Friday, 20 February 2015

Affordable Art

Four small tonal cityscape painting in grey with coloured highlights. Lovely works for your art collection. There is a real sense of naivety and fun to these pieces, simple yet effective and a joy to create. Perfect to bring a little urban art and colour accent to your interior design.

I love creating this small works, often they are studies in light movement colour and technique before moving onto a larger canvas. In their own right they are lovely pieces of original art providing a great little colour accent within your interior design. It's also an opportunity to own some of my original work at an affordable price point.

Monday, 16 February 2015

24 Views of St Paul's Cathedral

One of my favourite themes is the London Cityscape and the view of St Paul's is prominant as it still dominates the skyline. Here are some images of this iconic landmark building I have painted so far. Created in different styles and seen from different angles St Paul's will remain a favourite.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Creative Process

Quite often I'll use a smaller work as a study to a larger canvas to ensure the technique or colours will work. Here I wanted use a stenciled technique to create the impression of a grid behind the splash art style, whilst also introducing a colour to the tonal work. The effect is a lovely combination piece perfect for a modern interior design.

Having established that all the tones and styles worked I then created this larger work using the same combination.

I loved the black and the red on it's own so much I created a larger painting just using those colours. Now thisreally is a strong image. Red and black work so well together and this large work will certainly make a statement.

Just a little insight as to how the creative process works sometimes. All of these works and many more can be seen on my website where you'll find art available direct from the artist... that's me :0)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Art Process

Quite often I'll use a smaller work as a study to a larger piece to ensure the technique or colours will work.

In the first study I needed to make sure that I placed the colours on the in the right order before committing myself to a large canvas. In the second I replaced the white with ivory to see the effect. There wasn't much in it but in the end I settled on Ivory for the larger work as it was just a little warmer.

The technique looks random and and easy to achieve, however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers, and you need a lot of space in your studio to work around the horizontal canvas. but it's a lot of fun and highly expressive too.

Painted in black ivory and grey tones the completed piece is based on a continuing theme representing the constant battle against being placed in a convenient box by society. You're a teacher, a banker, you earn this much and buy those things. We are all constantly being categorised for convenience by big data and others when in actual fact we are all individual and unique and should celebrate this.