Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn Colours in Art

I love autumn, the crisp morning, leaves crunching underfoot. I love the low angle of the light in the morning and especially I love the colours. As you would expect I reflect this in some of my paintings, the colours bring a rich vibrancy to any interior space.

Autumn is a theme that is very popular, people love the colours and the warmth they bring to their interior. Whether it's a large painting or just a small piece of art, the tonal quality of autumn really can become an exceptional focal point in your home.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Latest London Painting

My latest painting of the London landscape is of the Millennium Bridge from Carter Lane Gardens looking down Peter's Hill towards the Tate Modern. This bridge, yes the wobbly one, has quickly become a modern icon in the London landscape and connects the North with the Southbank near St Paul's cathedral.

Painted in grey monochrome tones, using a tonal popart style, creates a striking piece of urban cityscape art, a small piece of London for your interior design. Perfect your London apartment or if you just love this great city.

I have included here the original photographic image from which I worked to create this piece. I always carry a camera around London it's much easier than lugging a canvas and easel around!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Free Expression

After spending much of my time in August painting images of London in my photorealistic style it's refreshing to be breaking out into the splash art style once again.

I love painting London and it's one of my major themes, but it is very labour intensive. The results are spectacular clearly demonstrating the impressive buildings of our capital city and they create a powerful presence in any interior design.

urban artLondon urban painting

London Paintinglondon art

I now feel an urge to break free... at least for a short while it's time to move to the opposite end of the style spectrum and create some abstract works base on my splash art style. A complete change allowing for free expression in shape form and colour. It's great to be literally throwing paint at a canvas rather than concentrating on the detail.

This style of work looks very random and easy, however in order to gain a tonal balance across the whole painting it is actually quite difficult. The effect is built up from several layers of colour painted at varying stages of drying over a number of days. It is still a very free and loose technique however and a complete change to be able to express myself in such an abstract way.