Saturday, 20 October 2012

Love Art

It would appear that there's a great deal of Loving going on across the world at the moment. Five of my latest art sales this month have been romantically themed.

I have recently dispatched two Love Ewe prints, one to London and one to Belfast to clients who wanted  an anniversary for someone special.

In addition I have recently sent a Large text based painting "1 Corinthians" to Liverpool, another titled "Love" to New York and am just packaging another titled "Love Promise" for a client in Manchester who will be giving it as a wedding gift to special friends in London.

The theme of Love in art is as strong as ever, and long may it remain so after all Love isn't just for Valentines Day it's for every day!

All of these pieces are available on my website. The text based paintings are in the text gallery and there is a seperate gallery for smaller love themed gifts "The Art of Love". Just follow the link below and show someone special how you feel through the gift of art.