Wednesday, 12 March 2014

the real definition of affordable art

There are any number of so called affordable art fairs around which claim that £40-4000 is affordable art. In my experience £4000 can hardly claim to be affordable and if that were the case 99% of the works in my site fall into this category. I realise that you shouldn't measure the value of art through it's price but I do think it's a little deceptive to call art priced in the 1000's affordable.

In case you don't have £4000 lying around for your "unaffordable art", the affordable art section on my website has over 200 works priced between £25-150. Just to let you into a secret, when you buy a piece of art from a gallery, nearly 50% of the price is made up with gallery commissions this is why I'm able to sell my work through my website at such reasonable prices, no gallery commissions, just art direct from the artist.