Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to sell a painting twice!

I showed my latest work to a Wine Merchant Friend " Drinking Wine with Friends" who loved it and decided to buy it for his shop. I now find that I have now sold it again within hours to a second buyer and this time it's on it's way to a restaurant in California.

How did I achieve this?

Almost immediately after it was put up a couple saw it and were so taken by it they decided that they just had to buy it for a restaurant in the USA.

He sent them over to me and we negotiated a price and it's now on it's way over to California. This was only possible through the kindness of the original buyer who allowed me to sell it to them in the full knowledge that I would provide him with another similar painting in the same style and colours. With more customers like that I could double my sales!

It's only fair I should mention his wine business so thanks Jez at Wine and the Vine in Radlett. he sells great wine by the way and apparently he's now an art dealer too!

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