Monday, 28 July 2014

Art for Grandad

Some of my paintings are very personal for example these abstracts are for my Grandad, no longer with us but still inspiring me despite his passing many years ago.

He worked as a miner all his life, always cheerful and always very hardworking. He used to come home from the pit black with coal dust and his white eyes and smile were a joy to see.

Every morning before he left to descend into the depths of the earth I used to watch him light a fire in the hearth to keep the family warm and to provide hot water. He never complained, he just cheerfully went about his tasks.

Grandad's Embers

These two abstracts reflect some of this, the orange is for the hearth and fire he lit to keep us warm, the greys and black are for the coal he used to dig, and the white is for his bright shining cheerful eyes.