Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Is art on the High Street dead?

I hear a great deal of people complaining about their High Street and lack of variety, one high street is the same as the other these days. Some of these same people buy cheap prints and mass produced artwork on ebay, and cheaply created art from Asia and Africa whilst on vacation and then wonder why their local gallery has closed.

There will always be a place for a well run gallery on or around the High Street. However with the high cost of retail space and the growth of online shopping they are becoming thin on the ground. What we're left with is high priced limited edition prints from celebrities masquerading as artists. In truth it's just a way for art publishing houses to make a great deal of money from celebrity culture.

It's not all bad news though, more artists and galleries have an online offering, and if you're buying art direct from the artist on his or her website it is considerably cheaper than doing it through a physical gallery which adds 40% commission on top. There is more variety too, webspace online is unlimited to display artworks whereas in a physical gallery you only have a limited wall space.

Visit my website www.simonsgallery.com to see what I mean, there's more original artwork available on this site than most physical galleries are able to offer and as it's art direct from the artist, many of the pieces are well within reach of most peoples budgets.