Monday, 12 November 2012

Oh God it's the Turner Prize again and not a painting in sight!

Well here we go again, before you know it the media will be all over the Turner Prize once again, more irrelevant art self publicising itself.

The prize is awarded each year to 'a British artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding'.... Well that rules me out :0)

This is your chance to discover what's new in British art now - goes the publicity - well actually it's not that because to most artists and people it's just a way of achieving publicity through controversy, and to me it's the worst manifestation of elitist art.

Past entrants & prize winners have included:

A sound artist for an installation that featured her singing three versions of a Scottish lament.... yeah I'd really like some old bint in my lounge bleating away all day.
An artist who uses make-up and soil to create sculptures unorthodox materials including lipstick, Vaseline, nail varnish and eye shadow - no I don't wish to have a pile of soil decorated with makeup in my house thanks.
Installations inspired by concrete trees... I prefer real trees!
Portrayal's of  construction sites using video screens.... I have a tv!
Damien Hursts formaldehyde cows ... can't see that working in my house
Tracey Emins unmade bed.... the best thing about this is that two Chinese students went in & made it :0)
A pile of bricks... can buy them at B&Q
Someone switching a light on and off... we can all do that!
Paintings made from elephant dung.... give me strength!

And this years choices.... some drawings of a fictional city, a trilogy of video installations, some people lying on the floor and some sculptures of turds.... and yes not a painting in sight.

So as an antidote visit my website where you'll find real art, for real people, living real lives, it's not particularly controversial, it's art you can actually live with and hang on your wall.