Monday, 3 December 2012

Everything London.... well almost

I recently completed a London Skyline Cityscape painting for a commission delivered to Zurich, Switzerland. To say there is a lot of London in it is an understatement! The landmarks and buildings of the London cityscape are fairly well covered in this piece.

"London Skyline" acrylic on canvas 60x24 inches

Nat West Tower - Big Ben & Westminster - The Gherkin - Heron Tower - Eros - London Eye - Greenwich Observatory - London Bus - London Black Cab - Post Box - Telephone Box - Thames Barge - A Rower - St Paul's Cathedral - The Shard - Westminster Abbey - London Assembly Building - Battersea Power Station - Tower Bridge - The Millennium Dome - Guys Hospital - Tower Bridge - Canary Wharf - The Tower of London - GPO Tower - Nelson's Column - The OXO Building

I was really pleased with the results, some paintings work better than others and the composition and colours tones in this worked really well. It took a long time to complete but was worth every hour spent on it.... and the client's reaction.... "Over the Moon" was the phrase used which is even more pleasing.