Monday, 26 December 2011

5 reasons to buy Original Art Direct from the Artist

I create art you can actually live with and works you'll pleased to hang in your home. You'll not find any unmade beds, dustbins, bricks or cows in formaldehyde here, I'm not trying to change the world, just simply decorate it. 

Some good reasons to buy art direct from the artist

I live and work as a full time artist in Windsor, England. I Sell my art through my website which I write and maintain myself. To put it simply this is the best place to buy my art as there are no additional website or gallery commissions to pay, which can be as high as 50%, here you're getting art direct from the artist.

You Like it... well this is probably the most important and the place to start when thinking about purchasing any kind of art.

You can afford it... I cover a wide range of price points with my art from as low as £25. Buying original art online direct from the artist means there is no additional commission unlike other online or high street galleries who may charge up to 50% fee. This is art direct from the artist at artist prices.

Quality... all of my art is finished to an extremely high standard, it's my profession not my hobby, so you can be assured you're getting the best not something that's been randomly hashed together on a Kitchen table... it happens.

Personal approach... if you're looking for something individual to fit into your lifestyle and space, I'm more than happy to help you achieve this... Just get in touch.

The WOW factor... original art does what mass produced art just can't do, when a friend walks into your room and sees Simon's art... they generally go WOW! It's unlikely you'll achieve that XFactor and individuality with a mass produced print from IKEA or the High Street.