Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hanging out with Damien Hurst

"Camden Market" & "Portobello Road"
on display at the Saatchi Gallery

Well I was at the Saatchi Gallery, as you do, with a couple of my paintings on display next to Damien Hurst, well a portrait of him at least. I have to say my art looked pretty comfortable alongside some of the more unusual works. I may not be a recognised name in the art world, but I like that you can hang my art in any environment without having to be controversial. Lets face it, certain body parts or a 10 ft high sheet of paint stained plastic are difficult to live with in any normal home... although the paint splashed carpet in my studio is looking pretty handy for the next exhibition!

It was all for a good cause and I hope that my paintings sell and make some money for the Michael A.Z. Art Fund. If you'd like to see more art you can hang in your home take a trip t my website: